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marijuana dispensary near me

SEO Keywords for Cannabis Dispensaries.

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KeywordMonthly Volume
dispensary near me1500000
recreational dispensary near me165000
dispensary near me open40500
weed dispensary near me40500
cannabis dispensary near me14800
best dispensary near me8100
California dispensary6600
marijuana dispensary California1300
best dispensary in California590
medical marijuana dispensaries near me 480
CA recreational dispensary 480
cannabis dispensary online shipping worldwide 480
online dispensary menu320
recreational dispensary discreet delivery210
Discreet dispensaries open near me140
dispensary near me worldwide delivery70
recreational pot dispensaries online50
top dispensaries online 40
Best dispensary near me 30
best cannabis dispensary online30
cheapest dispensary near me 10
san francisco dispensary near me10

SEO Keywords and Search Phrases for Cannabis Brands:

We analyzed search volume for different cannabis related search terms to help guide your cannabis company’s SEO strategy:

KeywordMonthly Volume
cannabis sativa9900
cannabis coconut oil8100
cannabis edibles6600
cannabis indica4400
cannabis vape pen3600
cannabis patch3600
cannabis lube2900
cannabis for dogs2400
cannabis candy2400
cannabis flower2400
cannabis energy drink2400
cannabis cream1900
cannabis tincture1600
cannabis tea1600
cannabis extract1600
cannabis strains1600
cannabis gummies1000

CBD Keywords and Search Phrases for CBD and Hemp SEO:

We compared some of the common search terms for CBD and hemp websites as well as e-commerce shops:

KeywordMonthly Search Volume
cbd for cats90500
cbd benefits60500
hemp oil49500
cbd gummies49500
delta 840500
cbd vape oil40500
cbd effects27100
hemp flower22200
cbd isolate22200
hemp lotion18100
cbd vs thc18100
cbd for anxiety18100
cbd oil effects18100
delta 8 cart14800
cbd tincture14800
cbd edibles14800
cbd cartridge12100
cbd for dogs12100
cbd vape juice12100
cbd oil benefits12100
cbd pills9900
hemp vs cbd8100
cbd pen8100
delta 8 gummies6600
hemp buds6600
thc delta 84400
cbd lotion4400
cbd products4400
cbg flower3600
cbd dabs3600
delta 8 flower2900
cbd bath bomb2900
cbd gummies review2900
cbd patches1900
cbd candy1900
smokable hemp flower1000
cbd hemp flower880
buy hemp flower880
cbg strains720
cbg hemp flower480
wholesale hemp flower480
best hemp flower390
bulk hemp flower390
hemp flower wholesale320
hemp flower strains320
organic hemp flower260
cheap hemp flower260
hemp flower buds260

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