How to find a legit weed shop online

where to buy marijuana online

Buying weed online is perfectly legal in Canada, but many people are still uncomfortable doing so for many reasons. One of the biggest problems you may run into is being unsure whether the place you’re ordering from is legitimate. how to find a legit weed shop online

Because there are so many scams out there, you may worry that you’re ordering from a disreputable company or that the products are not what they claim to be. Even worse, you may spend a fortune on goods only for them to never show up.

The good news is that legitimate online cannabis stores offer you a lot of perks. Anyone of legal age can purchase cannabis products online, providing you with a convenient, speedy way of ordering your cannabis and a lot of choice selections. 

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at how you can tell whether an online cannabis shop is legitimate or not. Read on for more information on how to tell the difference between legitimate and scam online weed sellers. 

What Can You Buy from Online Weed Shops?

All online dispensaries sell a range of cannabis strains and products, as well as smoking accessories and paraphernalia. This selection includes vape products, which make it easier to consume concentrates. 

You’ll find just about every strain on cannabis available to purchase online, which means you can shop about and find what you’re seeking. You can also read reviews from other customers, which will give you more information on the effects and highs offered by different cannabis strains if you haven’t tried them before.

How Much Can You Buy Online? 

Now that legalization is in effect, you can purchase up to 30 grams worth of cannabis products at any one time, providing that you are over the age of 19. Nothing is stopping you from making multiple orders at different times, meaning that you can keep as much as you like on your property. It’s a fast and easy way to buy your cannabis products.

Are Online Marijuana Sellers Legitimate? 

There’s no simple answer to this question. While there are many perfectly legal and legitimate marijuana sellers online, there are also many scams and illegal websites that you should avoid at all costs.

Fortunately, many online review sites and independent websites regularly evaluate the service and product quality of online dispensaries in Canada. Do a quick bit of research first to check the company’s credentials and reputation. Chances are you’ll get speedy delivery of exactly what you ordered from a legit company. 

How to Tell If an Online Weed Shop Is Legitimate

Cannabis can be an expensive product, so you need to make sure you’re buying from a legitimate source when ordering online. If you find yourself asking questions like ‘Is Max Weed online legit,’ you’re not alone. Luckily, there are a few things you can look out for to check whether it’s the real deal or not, which we’ve listed here. 

Look for the COA

Every legal cannabis product should have a Certificate of Analysis. This report details the cannabis product’s composition, including its cannabinoids, terpenes, and possible contaminants.

Under the Cannabis Act, only certified laboratories can conduct and publish this analysis for their vendors. The regulations ensure that the testing is up to federal standards.

A legitimate online weed dispensary in Canada will be able to supply the COA. Some online dispensaries will even publish this information readily. If the dispensary you’ve found has this information, you can take that as a sign of transparency and quality. how to find a legit weed shop online

Check Dispensary Details

When you’re on a dispensary website, have a quick look for their contact details and social media links. This external information will help you determine if they’re a professional operation.

A lack of contact details is a big red flag. Meanwhile, social media pages will show you if they’re an active business with a following of current customers. 

Reviews are among the best ways to tell whether a company is legitimate and whether its products are of good quality. A simple online search for reviews of the place you’re thinking of buying from should tell you all you need to know. Beware of fake reviews, as these are often an indicator of a bad business. Fake reviews will often leave little info and be from accounts without a real name.

Payment Methods 

Check how the website wants you to pay for your order. If the online weed shop offers several payment options such as card and Paypal, it’s a good sign. If they request payment by e-transfer and offer no other options, double-check that you’re happy to do business with them as this is a method often used by scammers. 

Positive Signs of a Legit Online Weed Shop

When buying weed online, you want to know that you’re getting the best product possible, from the best place. Here are some positive signs you can look out for when comparing online weed shops.

Customer Service 

Many of the best-rated online cannabis stores will provide high-quality customer service. This service often includes advice from or access to experienced budtenders who can answer any questions you may have. Look for companies that offer online instant chat or phone and email details, as these are more likely to be legitimate and provide you with the best experience. 

Age Checks 

Most legitimate online weed shops will ask for proof that you’re of age to buy their products. Often, they will request verification or a copy of your drivers’ license. While it may seem a slight inconvenience to you, only legitimate businesses will care about ensuring that their customers are of legal age. 

Fast and Free Shipping 

Despite people’s worries about ordering cannabis products online, demand is surprisingly high. As a result, there is a lot of competition out there, forcing companies to offer faster service, competitive prices, and customer loyalty schemes. 

Online weed shops want to beat the competition and retain your business, so often, they will offer free or rapid delivery for orders above a certain amount. Take this as a good sign! Fast and free shipping is usually available from legitimate businesses. 

Bottom Line 

Buying cannabis from an online store has many benefits – not least the fantastic variety on offer and speedy delivery services. It’s an unfortunate truth that not all online cannabis sellers are legitimate, but if you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to avoid them, and you can enjoy the perks of buying your supply online. 

Use this guide to make sure you avoid online scammers and enjoy your mail-order weed with peace of mind. how to find a legit weed shop online

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